Valerie Callan Photography | Artist
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Meet Valerie

I’m a wedding, senior, family, and lifestyle photographer recently relocated from St. Louis, MO to Huntsville, AL but am available for travel and destination adventures! If there is anything I love as much as photography, it is traveling, so just ask! My preferred session is outdoors flooded with nature and urban landscape. I find that I draw inspiration from the world around me and enjoy making each session unique for my clients. I am often scouting out new places and LOVE when my clients have little secret spots they hold dear for their session.  The people I work with tend to be nature lovers, adventurous, laid-back, and trusting in me and my vision. Although I love new ideas, I am not one to copy someone else’s work, or recreate something they saw on Pinterest. I prefer to find inspiration from these ideas instead.


I like to capture a mixture of candid and semi-posed shots. I often spend some time coaching my clients into poses and then wait to capture the moment they begin to fall into a more relaxed and natural flow. The in-between moments among a family, the little kisses the bride and groom sneak after they have walked back down the aisle, and the giggles of a high school senior after she tries to give me a serious face are often the shots I look for.

With nearly 15 years of experience in photography, I still love what I do, waking up each day excited for the chance to grab those moments in time for my clients to share.

In my free time…

I am a coffee craving, yoga learning, wife-to-be. I recently relocated to Alabama to join my fiancé, Lee after living in Missouri for about 5 years where I ran VCP and taught high school art. Together we enjoy traveling near and far with our most recent trip taking us all across Europe. We (mostly me) are planning our summer 2017 wedding and let me be the first to say, I HAD NO IDEA, what all goes into planning a wedding. Big hugs to all my VCP brides for all of their hard work! Want to know more? Hit me up, I can not wait to meet you!